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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sukiyaki #JapaneseRecipesWorldwide



1 lbs well-marbled beef, such as rib eye Hakusai
1 package of firm tofu
1 package of shirataki noodles
6 fresh or reconstituted shiitake mushrooms
1 Tokyo negi or 1 onion, cut into ¼ slices
2 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs sake
1 tbs sugar
4 raw eggs (optional)


1) Cut the meat against the grain into 1/8 thin slices. This is easier to do when the meat is partially frozen. Japanese markets sell beef pre-sliced. Ask you butcher to do it for you. Arrange the slices attractively on a platter. Arrange the tofu, shirataki noodles and vegetables on another platter.

2) Heat the skillet and pour the vegetable oil. Sear some of the beef slices and onion slices. Add the cooking liquid and then add the vegetables and tofu as you like. The idea for tabletop cooking is to cook only what you can eat, and then cook some more. If you are preparing the sukiyaki on the stovetop, first sear the meat and add the rest of the ingredients, starting with the onion and harder parts of the hakusai, followed the softer items. Pour the sauce as needed, and when everything is cooked, bring to the table.

3) The diners serve themselves, using small bowls, each with a raw egg that they beat themselves. Take the meat and vegetables out of the pot and dip in the egg, and enjoy. Rice is normally served at the end of the meal, with pickles, some people like eating rice with sukiyaki.

4) Any leftover sukiyaki can be heated up and served over hot rice. Like stew, the flavors seem to improve with time.

5) Serves 4

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  1. This is really a good meal and it's just right on the tummy because of the thinly sliced meat.

  2. wow you seems to have known so many dish to make, this sounds good i will try to make this.

  3. Never tried this dish before t but it sounds delicious!

  4. Oh yum! it's lunch time here and surfing your site makes me more hungry. This is one delicious recipe.

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